13 Core Subjects That Virtual Paralegal Assistants Should Master

13 Core Subjects That Virtual Paralegal Assistants Should MasterAssisting lawyers in their legal functions can be a daunting task.

That may be true only if you don’t possess the required knowledge and skills to become a paralegal. Paralegal virtual assistants can deliver with proficiency if they have had formal education and training in the legal field.

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6 Recent Trends that have a Dramatic Impact in the Legal Service Industry

6 Recent Trends That Have A Dramatic Impact In The Legal Service IndustryThe landscape of the legal service industry is said to be on the brink of fundamental transformation brought about by modern changes and trends. This revolution has brought advancements to the legal field by making both the legal and paralegal services to clients more efficient, productive and competitive in the global market.

Below are 6 distinct trends that contribute to the legal practice of today gaining momentum.

  1. The Rise of Social Networks
    The age of Internet marketing has come to the attorneys. The growing number of social media tools make it easy for them to reach their target audience and market their services. Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and many other social networking sites, a legal professional or a paralegal can accomplish branding, advertising and client development goals. 

    The emergence of social networking sites also changes how legal professionals recruit, hunt for a job, do networking, and locate or discredit witnesses.

  2. Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
    This is another trend brought about by developments in technology. The few examples of ESI are e-mails, spam messages, voice mails, e-calendars and other numerous graphics and data on handheld devices. It is interesting to note that these ESI’s can now be used as support in the process of litigation.
  3. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)
    In an attempt to minimize costs and to increase the flexibility of legal professionals and paralegals, legal process outsourcing becomes a common practice wherein the legal tasks are transferred to external vendors located domestically or offshore.
  4. Virtual Law Offices
    The fast-growing revolution in web-based technology made it possible for legal professional and paralegals to work from home without compromising their legal and paralegal services to their remote clients. This permits flexibility on the working hours of legal professionals allowing them to balance work and their personal life.
  5. 6 Recent Trends That Have A Dramatic Impact In The Legal Service Industry

    Global Expansion
    More and more law firms today are collaborating with the foreign counsel making it possible for domestic lawyers and paralegals to expose their brand in the global market and serve international clients.

  6. Emergence of Alternative Legal Roles and Legal Services
    It is safe to say that today there is less of a monopoly of lawyers in the field in certain communities. This is good news for everyone because if you have legal problems you have many shoulders to cry on. There will be more affordable services of paralegal technicians, legal clerks, legal self-help sites, virtual legal assistants and paralegal virtual assistants. These are just some of your options.

It’s good that you educate yourself about these latest trends in the legal practice. These changes have totally transformed the performance with legal and paralegal jobs to the delivery of legal and paralegal services to clients. As a lawyer, paralegal, virtual legal assistant or any professional planning to start a career in law it is important to keep yourself aware of these new changes or else you will be caught off guard.

Kick Start a Successful Career in the Legal Field in 10 Ways: Start Today!

Kick Start a Successful Career in the Legal Field in 10 WaysOur society today is becoming more hyper-legalized as it shows insatiable thirst for the services of different people in the legal field. Every business transaction today whether its a purchase or sale requires the advice of an attorney. This makes the legal market place a busy portal for the legal professionals, paralegal worker, in-house or virtual assistants, and other wannabes who aspire to start a new career in law.

Are you one of these people who would consider joining the revolution of the legal service industry? Below are 10 valuable ways on how to get your foot on the door. Whether you are a student evaluating a career opportunity or a professional from the another field who is planning to have some sort of career transition these could be really helpful.

  1. Examine your self: This is by far the first and most important step before you say “Hello Legal World!”. Performing a self-assessment here means you have to honestly ask yourself whether a career in law is really a good fit for you. You have to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to know whether you really have what it takes to be a legal service provider or just a virtual legal assistant, a legal nurse consultant or the most sought-after lawyer in town.
  2. Explore the world of law: Before starting a new career in law, it is important that you have made substantial research on this field. Increase your knowledge base by reading through a lot of literature and websites about law. You have to be aware of the qualifications, duties,
    educational requirements, salaries and employment outlook relating to the legal position that you are aiming.
  3. Advance your education: Be on the front line by educating yourself. It is paramount to have an advanced degree and professional certifications to become a valuable candidate for legal employers who are willing to pay big for competent legal professionals. For instance, a paralegal virtual assistant with a number of professional certifications definitely has an edge over those who are not in the same way.
  4. Leverage your field of expertise:This is very simple. If you are a professional from another field planning to shift to a law career, all you need is to concentrate on your area of expertise. For example, if you are a nurse, you can be a legal nurse assistant. If you are a certified public accountant or an accounting professional, you must be great in the area of tax laws.
  5. Maintain personal and professional contacts and relationships:Networking is the key. The more friends, acquaintances and contacts you have, the more information and knowledge you will get about everything that relates to the legal industry and even aid with your job search. Make attempts also to contact law firms, corporate legal departments and legal staffing agencies that you know. Always try to attend conferences, seminars, local chapter meetings and luncheons for you to become more well-informed about the latest trends and business or job opportunities in the legal service industry. Maintaining good working relationships is an undeniable positive factor when it comes to your career and future business opportunities.
  6. Become an Internet-savvy person: Superior working knowledge about the Internet environment and its various applications can be very advantageous. The new age of legal industry is here and everything relies on technology. You have to secure your place or else you will be left behind. If you are planning to become a paralegal virtual assistant you should be accustomed with the use of search engines and Microsoft applications so you will be positioned above the competition.
  7. Find a mentor: This is also very important. Do not expect that you will know everything by yourself. If you are just starting a career in law find someone to help educate you about the benefits and pitfalls of this entirely new world. If you are a professional from another field a mentor can be someone who can gives you knowledge and possibly refer you to new clients and guide towards new business and job opportunities.
  8. Shadow a legal professional:This allows you to observe the work of a legal professional and learn about the realities of legal jobs. This may take place for 1 or 2 days depending on your resources and preferences. For instance, if you are planning to become a virtual legal assistant, you can search and join any paralegal and admin works available in many law firms at your location.
  9. Kick Start a Successful Career in the Legal Field in 10 WaysVolunteer works can help you: There are many non-profit and public interest legal offices and organizations where you can offer your services to do volunteer work. Of course, this is unpaid but it can benefit you because you’ll have exposure to many different clients, roles and cases and the experience can certainly pay off big once you start with your firm.
  10. Find time to join extra-curricular activities: If you are still at school don’t fail to join extra curricular activities to add weight to your resume. You can join activities like mock trial competitions, debates, writing for school journals and newspapers or organizing a club at school. These valuable experiences activities will truly make you a better person.

Isn’t that all simple? You just have to run through these 10 tips and advance yourself to become a valuable asset of the legal market place. Whether you are a student, a lawyer, a legal clerk or a virtual legal assistant there’s no such thing as easy come and easy go; only dedication and hard work with a glorious touch of preparedness.

What a Virtual Legal Assistant Can Do to Help Your Legal Business Bloom

Quite often, attorneys’ hands can become so full that they simply don’t have the time necessary to perform all the tasks required to operate their legal business as smoothly as they’d prefer. It’s not uncommon to see stacks of paperwork, folders, and other legal documents piled upon and around the desk of a typical attorney… not to mention the followup phone calls that need to be made, the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of unanswered emails that just keep filling up that inbox.

What many need is a more cost-effective and time-efficient way of doing things, and the perfect solution is closer and less costly than you may think… plenty of attorneys have been able to make this happen very easily, and without incurring the cost and hiring process of setting up their own in-house legal staff. How can this be?

Seeking out the services of a Virtual Legal Assistant will help relieve much of the stress and tedium involved in the day-to-day activities of a typical law office, and can be much more cost-effective compared to hiring at the local going rate. Properly skilled and qualified virtual assistants are capable of offering a broad range of services to meet all of your attorney needs – including secretarial, paralegal, reception, client billing, and the ability to tackle administrative tasks so that your operation can run a bit more smoothly.

Brief Background

Aretha Gaskin, a well-known legal professional, introduced the idea of The Virtual Legal Assistant back in 2006. She spent a considerable amount of time in providing staff support for many large firms in New York City. From then on, the Virtual Legal Assistant became a household name while providing a high degree of excellence and acquiring a good reputation for punctuality. Aretha is a great example to show that a paralegal Virtual Assistant can really bring the name of your law firm to the next level in such a high momentum business.

How Can You Benefit From the Services of a Paralegal Virtual Assistant?

Here is a big opportunity for attorneys to carry on their professional duties without having to deal with the banality of tasks such as office staffing and supervision.

  • A wide range of service offerings from proficient virtual assistants: A highly-skilled team of secretaries, paralegals, and administrative assistants is available to take care of the daily functions needed in most law firms.
  • You will save a lot of cost: There are valuable and cost-effective service packages offered that are geared towards law office-related demands and attorney-specific needs.
  • You will save time. You can focus on your core business operation, rather than being beleaguered with daily minutia.
  • High productivity and efficient outcomes. Pre-deadline completion of tasks, measurable results, and maintaining confidentiality – these are just some of the things that you can expect from an qualified Paralegal Virtual Assistant.

Sample Packages Relative To The Needs Of Different Attorneys
These are the packages that you can choose from when seeking the services of a Virtual Legal Assistant. The paralegal virtual assistants are there to perform routine tasks like hiring, payroll checks, and calculating and paying quarterly taxes to name a few. You pay for these services on contract.

  • Full-time (monthly flat rate up to 40 hours a week): This offers full office administrative support. A receptionist is made available to schedule your appointments and talk with the client on your behalf. Another feature is that your client database is accurately maintained.
  • Part-time (up to 20 hours a week)
  • Part-time (up to 10 hours a week): This is designed to help new businesses with accounting, administrative duties and scheduling of meetings
  • Receptionist-only package. Hire only a receptionist to do your required office work.

We are in a new age of business and our global economy now simply dictates that we should do our business right, whatever it may be, in order for us to succeed. Seeking the help of a qualified paralegal virtual assistant may help accelerate your success. There are many success stories of lawyers hiring virtual legal assistants available online… Have your own story.