13 Core Subjects That Virtual Paralegal Assistants Should Master

13 Core Subjects That Virtual Paralegal Assistants Should MasterAssisting lawyers in their legal functions can be a daunting task.

That may be true only if you don’t possess the required knowledge and skills to become a paralegal. Paralegal virtual assistants can deliver with proficiency if they have had formal education and training in the legal field.

If you are planning to become paralegal virtual assistant, then read below the 13 salient topics and courses that you should learn thoroughly to prepare yourself for the legal arena.

  1. Introduction Class. This covers the primary duties of a paralegal and instructs one on how to perform those things effectively. Included here are legal terms and information on advanced courses a paralegal may be required to take.
  2. Torts. This refers to a wrong act that involves a breach of a civil duty owed to someone else. This course covers trespassing, liabilities, defamation of character and negligence. These are very important subjects that prepare you for a certification test. it appears that a lot of testings Usually a large portion of the testing required to become proficient in the duties of a virtual assistant include issues involving tort laws.
  3. Contracts. This course deals with legally binding contracts – what they are, what is required to draft one, what their purpose may be, and all other laws that relate to the specific types. Paralegals usually deal with contract-related tasks so this is very important.
  4. Litigation. This introduces you to criminal laws and law enforcement. You will learn in this subject the process of conducting lawsuits and the study of many elements involved.
  5. Family Law and Juvenile Law. These are done in family courts. Family law deals with divorce, child support and custody, whereas juvenile law focuses on children who have problems such as crimes, failure to attend schools and runaways.
  6. Real Estate Law. As a paralegal virtual assistant, you should have intense knowledge of laws surrounding real estate development and proceedings. It deals more often with contracts involving the purchase or lease of land, residential units and/or commercial parcels.
  7. Civil Law. This course deals with the trials of some “wrong doing” to the plaintiff which is not t considered a criminal offense or action.
  8. Wills and Trusts. This involves creation of wills and trusts for a living person who wants to ensure that their family and children are left cared for when their “time” comes.
  9. 13 Core Subjects That Virtual Paralegal Assistants Should Master

  10. Constitutional Law. This tackles the guidelines stipulated on a state constitution. It’s a must-know for you for anyone considering getting into the paralegal profession.
  11. Business Law. Also known as commercial law, this is a body of laws that governs business and commercial transactions. This focuses on corporations and partnerships — laws that pertain to how these entities are being set up and the contracts and principles involved.
  12. Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis. This prepares the you to find the information quickly, write and analyze all those findings and communicate them to the lawyer you are working with.
  13. Legal Ethics. This teaches you to do what you’re expected to do. Obviously, this gives you a refresher on how to remain on the right side of the law in the midst of divisive actions by the involved parties. Maintaining confidentiality is also another important lesson taught in this subject.
  14. Others. While having knowledge on core areas of law it is also important to learn the knowledge of computer applications in this field, computer-aided legal research and law office technology. This is vital in performing the new role of legal professionals as innovators. Getting ahead of the competition is the key point here.

We understand it can be quite exhausting but covering all these areas will prepare you for the job. In due time, you can become an expert in your field. To be a great legal virtual assistant you must deliver your best to your lawyer clients and may only do so effectively when you know and understand all these issue’s fully.