6 Recent Trends that have a Dramatic Impact in the Legal Service Industry

6 Recent Trends That Have A Dramatic Impact In The Legal Service IndustryThe landscape of the legal service industry is said to be on the brink of fundamental transformation brought about by modern changes and trends. This revolution has brought advancements to the legal field by making both the legal and paralegal services to clients more efficient, productive and competitive in the global market.

Below are 6 distinct trends that contribute to the legal practice of today gaining momentum.

  1. The Rise of Social Networks
    The age of Internet marketing has come to the attorneys. The growing number of social media tools make it easy for them to reach their target audience and market their services. Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and many other social networking sites, a legal professional or a paralegal can accomplish branding, advertising and client development goals. 

    The emergence of social networking sites also changes how legal professionals recruit, hunt for a job, do networking, and locate or discredit witnesses.

  2. Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
    This is another trend brought about by developments in technology. The few examples of ESI are e-mails, spam messages, voice mails, e-calendars and other numerous graphics and data on handheld devices. It is interesting to note that these ESI’s can now be used as support in the process of litigation.
  3. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)
    In an attempt to minimize costs and to increase the flexibility of legal professionals and paralegals, legal process outsourcing becomes a common practice wherein the legal tasks are transferred to external vendors located domestically or offshore.
  4. Virtual Law Offices
    The fast-growing revolution in web-based technology made it possible for legal professional and paralegals to work from home without compromising their legal and paralegal services to their remote clients. This permits flexibility on the working hours of legal professionals allowing them to balance work and their personal life.
  5. 6 Recent Trends That Have A Dramatic Impact In The Legal Service Industry

    Global Expansion
    More and more law firms today are collaborating with the foreign counsel making it possible for domestic lawyers and paralegals to expose their brand in the global market and serve international clients.

  6. Emergence of Alternative Legal Roles and Legal Services
    It is safe to say that today there is less of a monopoly of lawyers in the field in certain communities. This is good news for everyone because if you have legal problems you have many shoulders to cry on. There will be more affordable services of paralegal technicians, legal clerks, legal self-help sites, virtual legal assistants and paralegal virtual assistants. These are just some of your options.

It’s good that you educate yourself about these latest trends in the legal practice. These changes have totally transformed the performance with legal and paralegal jobs to the delivery of legal and paralegal services to clients. As a lawyer, paralegal, virtual legal assistant or any professional planning to start a career in law it is important to keep yourself aware of these new changes or else you will be caught off guard.