What a Virtual Legal Assistant Can Do to Help Your Legal Business Bloom

Quite often, attorneys’ hands can become so full that they simply don’t have the time necessary to perform all the tasks required to operate their legal business as smoothly as they’d prefer. It’s not uncommon to see stacks of paperwork, folders, and other legal documents piled upon and around the desk of a typical attorney… not to mention the followup phone calls that need to be made, the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of unanswered emails that just keep filling up that inbox.

What many need is a more cost-effective and time-efficient way of doing things, and the perfect solution is closer and less costly than you may think… plenty of attorneys have been able to make this happen very easily, and without incurring the cost and hiring process of setting up their own in-house legal staff. How can this be?

Seeking out the services of a Virtual Legal Assistant will help relieve much of the stress and tedium involved in the day-to-day activities of a typical law office, and can be much more cost-effective compared to hiring at the local going rate. Properly skilled and qualified virtual assistants are capable of offering a broad range of services to meet all of your attorney needs – including secretarial, paralegal, reception, client billing, and the ability to tackle administrative tasks so that your operation can run a bit more smoothly.

Brief Background

Aretha Gaskin, a well-known legal professional, introduced the idea of The Virtual Legal Assistant back in 2006. She spent a considerable amount of time in providing staff support for many large firms in New York City. From then on, the Virtual Legal Assistant became a household name while providing a high degree of excellence and acquiring a good reputation for punctuality. Aretha is a great example to show that a paralegal Virtual Assistant can really bring the name of your law firm to the next level in such a high momentum business.

How Can You Benefit From the Services of a Paralegal Virtual Assistant?

Here is a big opportunity for attorneys to carry on their professional duties without having to deal with the banality of tasks such as office staffing and supervision.

  • A wide range of service offerings from proficient virtual assistants: A highly-skilled team of secretaries, paralegals, and administrative assistants is available to take care of the daily functions needed in most law firms.
  • You will save a lot of cost: There are valuable and cost-effective service packages offered that are geared towards law office-related demands and attorney-specific needs.
  • You will save time. You can focus on your core business operation, rather than being beleaguered with daily minutia.
  • High productivity and efficient outcomes. Pre-deadline completion of tasks, measurable results, and maintaining confidentiality – these are just some of the things that you can expect from an qualified Paralegal Virtual Assistant.

Sample Packages Relative To The Needs Of Different Attorneys
These are the packages that you can choose from when seeking the services of a Virtual Legal Assistant. The paralegal virtual assistants are there to perform routine tasks like hiring, payroll checks, and calculating and paying quarterly taxes to name a few. You pay for these services on contract.

  • Full-time (monthly flat rate up to 40 hours a week): This offers full office administrative support. A receptionist is made available to schedule your appointments and talk with the client on your behalf. Another feature is that your client database is accurately maintained.
  • Part-time (up to 20 hours a week)
  • Part-time (up to 10 hours a week): This is designed to help new businesses with accounting, administrative duties and scheduling of meetings
  • Receptionist-only package. Hire only a receptionist to do your required office work.

We are in a new age of business and our global economy now simply dictates that we should do our business right, whatever it may be, in order for us to succeed. Seeking the help of a qualified paralegal virtual assistant may help accelerate your success. There are many success stories of lawyers hiring virtual legal assistants available online… Have your own story.